Ladies Charity Day June – River Tay 2015

flowers on the front of the boats The Meikleour and Upper Islamouth Ladies charity day for 2015 will be on Saturday 20th June. The charity day will be raising money for Angling for Youth Development, a charity registered in Scotland (Charity No. SC039286) with the purpose of offering people of all backgrounds and abilities the opportunity to participate in angling.

After coffee and a welcome introduction from Claire Mercer-Nairn, ladies will travel in boats, adorned with fresh cut flowers from the estate gardens for their mornings fishing.

A welcome glass of fizz Beginners will be introduced to salmon fishing on the upper beat. The shingle, sandy bay, shallow area is perfect to learn casting and wade in safety. With conditions like this it will not be long before you are confident to fish with a fly of your choice supplied by the Caledonia Fly Company. Travelling to the upper beat last year the ladies spotted king fishers and Ospreys.

Experienced female anglers will have the opportunity to fish from the beats two boats. The lower beat commences at the junction of the Tay & Isla Rivers and extends for approximately 1.7 miles upstream. It is perhaps the Islamouth and Castle Pools that are most famous.

Pimss jellyA welcome glass of fizz as you arrive back to the fishing hut after a mornings fishing. Lunch is specially prepared by Meikleour Arms Hotel using locally sourced produce.

After lunch ladies will continue fly fishing with help and assistance from from the estates ghillies and fishing instructors.

Price for the day is £125 per person. For more information and to book a place please contact
Anne Woodcock on 01573 470612 email
Betty at Meikleour Fishing on 01250 883424 email

Work of Angling for Youth Development
Trout & Salmon in the classroom

Claire Mercer Nairn Self contained hatchery units comprising chiller, aquarium, pump and related equipment can be installed by teachers either just before or after Christmas into an appropriate classroom location. In February approximately 100 Brown Trout or Salmon eggs can be obtained under licence from a fishery with Environment Agency or Marine Scotland permission. Under teacher supervision a group of chosen children oversee the hatching, nurturing, feeding and general progress of the fry for up to 12 weeks prior to release with great ceremony into their local river. The number of fish surviving to release stage is in part dependant upon the children and others engagement with the project. In almost every case we find the scheme enthusiastically embraced by both children and teachers. Advice on suppliers can be obtained from AFYD or Jetset – read more.

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  1. Hi Anne an you book me for the meiklour day please. Great fun last year! Thanks. Heidi

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