PATAGONIA Waders & Jacket Review

Discussing waders and jackets with Bill at Patagonia Anne was asked to review the new Patagonia wader and jacket for the Trout & Salmon magazine – this is the review.


When you consider that for every 20 fishermen in the UK, there is a single female who is struggling to find a pair of waders and jacket that actually fits her properly.

Many, however, give up the search and end up spending their cash on a baggy set of waders coupled with a generously sized wading jacket. I’m sure many ladies stepping into the water with rod in hand, will appreciate where I’m coming from when I say, the look is not particularly a good one.

Patagonia Ladies Wading Jacket and Waders on the River TweedImagine my delight then, if you will, when I laid my eyes on Patagonia’s Women’s Spring River waders and Women’s Minimalist wading jacket for the first time.

Yes ladies, search no more because these are certainly the real deal when it comes to gearing up, and what’s more, they are extremely stylish too – that’s the first box ticked.

Stylish they may be, but for the serious lady angler stepping through a salmon pool or adopting a stealthy approach for trout, the features, durability and practicality are just what’s needed.

For starters – the waders fit properly, you can tell immediately that female anglers were involved in the design. The adjustable straps at the front are equipped with a drop-down suspender system and a single quick-release clip at the rear allows the waders to be quickly lowered to the waist. Perfect for when sitting down to lunch in the fishing hut or when needed, a comfort break.

Fish on the River Till wearing Patagonia ladies wadersInside the chest there is a waterproof storage pocket for valuables that is secured with a double seal and Velcro, perfect for your mobile phone and keys. The front sees a warm fabric lining the chest hand pocket, with further storage in the form of a waterproof zipped outer pocket.

Moving onto the legs, you will find no inside seams, built-in gravel guards protected by secured taped seams and for added comfort the feet are wool-lined. I particularly found that the shape was fantastic too. The style and colour is very pleasing (the clever use of a darker slide panel actually made me look slimmer) while the protection is extremely reassuring – Patagonia Waders.

Lightweight, versatile, and shaped to fit a woman’s features perfectly, the breathable wading jacket doesn’t detract from being a proper fishing garment. Features include a ‘D’ ring at the rear and more storage pockets than you will ever need but it’s Patagonia’s attention to detail that make this a real winner for me. Two interior pockets include a single zipped and open mesh.

Filming for Discovery Channel with junior angler Ella wearing PatagoniaThe shape is tapered from top to bottom to meet the requirements of any female body-line with all seams neatly finished to offer supreme protection. Small details like waterproof zips with the pull tag discreetly disappearing when closed, show that thought and consideration went into its creation.

A collar keeps the neck protected from a chilly wind and to enhance the comfort-factor further, you can expect to find the fleece lining simply delightful. It will even surround your chin when fully zipped at the front keeping you cosy-warm.

One excellent feature that caught my eye was the fully adjustable hood. The adjustable cord Wearing Patagonia in Spring, Tillmouth, River Tweedmeans that by simply tightening or loosening, you can find the perfect hood-fit every time. Not only does that eliminate the need to wear a hat or baseball cap, it is also made from the same protective, waterproof material as the rest of the jacket. You will notice that the inside of the hem is meshed also to maintain breathability performance during humid and moist conditions – Patagonia Jackets.

Not only is this stylish jacket the perfect ladies wading garment but it will certainly fit in well should you decide to take a break from fishing and have a walk around the local town to do a spot of shopping.

Patagonia have indeed introduced clothing that will appeal to many female fly anglers in the UK, designed by women for women.

Anne Woodcock – Marketing Director FishPal.

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