It may have been cold, but the humour was good!

Driving through what felt like every nasty weather front. Sunshine, showers, hail and finally snow, we wondered how many ladies would actually brave these challenging fishing conditions.

The consensus was finally agreed to tie flies, when you have four talented female fly dresser’s in your midst and a celebrity fly dresser it was not what flies but how many were they going to tie? After discussion cats whiskers and green headed black tadpoles and lots of fishing talk.

During a break for coffee, casting tuition was discussed and double hauling. Paul gave a master class with one-to-one tuition for everyone.

Then it was time to go fishing. The wind swirled in all directions and it was cold! Aptly summed up by Alison Anderson: ‘What a fantastic day, despite the horrible weather!’

We had lots of pulls and fish lost too….flies were changed from small to large. Cats Whiskers were shortened and finally fish were tempted with Crunchers. Marion won the number of ‘fish-lost-close-to-the-net’ contest. We love her relaxed style of fishing and long arm release tactic!

Marion emailed this moring saying: “Anne, thanks for organising a lovely day yesterday, it may have been cold but the humour was good. Please convey my thanks to Paul and Cliff. I was cold by the time I got home, had a hot shower and a glass of red wine.”

Huge thank you to Ali for a great days fishing and the tasty bacon and egg sandwiches.

Next event at Chatton Trout Fishery will be Sunday 20th May. Please book your place with Ali at the Fishery on 01668 215385

Witton Castle Ladies & Junior event Saturday 19th May. Please book your place with Stewart and John at Witton Castle Lakes on 01388 488691.

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