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Miss Polly Putman

Hi Ladies, I posed a question to a well known UK fishing magazine last month asking when they would feature a women on their front cover.  Enclosed is their response to Ladies Fishing.

Tried it once, back in 1996. Pretty brunette, long, bare arms in a fishing waistcoat… remember it well. Thought: “with a huge male readership, this issue’s sales are going to be sky high”. So, can anyone tell me why it was the worst seller ever?

Polly Putman has penned another excellent blog post about there comments,

I would like to share this with you. Polly’s post

2 Comments on “Wannabe a Flyfisherlady’s response

  1. Yes I can tell your magazine chap exactly why his sales were the worst ever. As follows:- Because unlike him most of the male fishing world have moved into the 21st century and no longer consider women (especially those who are seriously interested in fishing) as mere sex objects. When they buy their magazine they are not interested in a pretty face and bare arms, they can buy all of that in other magazines. They may well have been interested in some good photography of a keen female fishing in serious, sensible and safe clothes with a good story to go with it. I have been fly fishing for 2 years now and one of the best things about it is the people I meet, most of them are men (and boys) all of whom have taken me seriously and gone out of their way to help without treating me like some daft bimbo, in turn I have gone on to helping some men when they start fishing. They have been thrilled to see a lady in their midst and not one of them would be flattered to know that this guy has tried to target them with such ill advised and totally amateur marketing. Still calmimg down from those very sexist comments.


  2. Very well written Christine. I think that magazine will not be around for long because it is clearly out of touch with what is happening in the angling community. I am seeing a similar “out of touch” scenario here in the US with a “traditional” fishing magazine. Ironically, it has nothing to do with sex. The magazine is not doing well because the readership has moved onto the Internet and the magazine has not. It’s simple Darwinism. Evolve or die. 🙂

    Tight lines!


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