Here come the girls, River Tweed.

The Managing Director of FishPal explaining the beat

Saturday, the ladies fished the Tweed under the guidance of FishTweed reporter Bill Stanworth.

We arrived at the beat to be greeted by our guide for the day and explanation of the beat from the Managing Director of FishPal Iain Wood. What a treat!

The beat we fished had 2 miles of right bank fishing running through one of the most picturesque parts of the Whiteadder valley with superb high-sided rocks, gentle meadows and wooded areas. It is well documented that the

Bill Stanworth demonstrating

Whiteadder was once the most prolific of the Tweed tributaries, well ahead of the Teviot.

Bill set up our rods and discussed fly & fishing tactics as we watched salmon jumping in the pool below us, enticed by leaping salmon we were eager to wet our flies into the streamy water.

During the morning we fished the glides, riffles and good tail runs, including the slower water, with salmon showing a reluctance to take the fly.

Lunch was a leisurely affair in the fishing hut. We enjoyed the fishing banter over a glass of red wine, tales of the one that got away, with much laughter.

We fished Bills beautifully dressed flies

We fished below the fish pass in the afternoon with Bill demonstrating how to fish small streamy riffles for salmon, much to our frustration salmon were jumping in front of us, but the fish were reluctant to take the fly, whatever size of fly…thats salmon fishing !

The day ended with many salmon seen but all showing fish were intent on running hard to their spawning grounds.

Huge thank you to Bill Stanworth nick named our ‘guilty pleasure’ for his help, laughter and wealth of knowledge during the day. To spend the day with a gentleman from angling royalty was a real treat.

3 Comments on “Here come the girls, River Tweed.

  1. That sounds like a really good day out on the Whiteadder and I am glad you at least saw a lot of fish and from the photos the river looked in decent order. I’ve met Bill a few times and you’re right, he’s a real gent (something tells me you girls were not the only ones who had a treat that day!)


    • Henry,
      I had a salmon on for 30 seconds and just found out that Tina lost one further down the beat.
      ‘thats salmon fishing’


  2. You must be saving yourself for the Guy Fawkes bash further upriver!!Looking forward to it already.


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