Englands finest salmon beat

Magazine’s in the UK say  ‘Bywell on the Tyne, the most prolific beat on England’s most prolific salmon river’

We were looking forward to this since the 30th January, within 2 hours this event was fully booked. We were not disappointed.

Arriving at the beat Monday we were greeted by Chris, the ghillie, who offered everyone hot drinks and then started assembling our  fishing rods, we knew we were in for a huge treat….and it just got better.

The beat lies in glorious countryside, enjoys 2.5 miles of secluded double bank fishing in some of the best scenery the Tyne has to offer. With 4 ladies each day we had a lot of fishing available from the fish pass at Corbridge to the edge of Eltringham beat, a venue we’ve used for ladies days.

First class service from Bywell ghillies Chris and Gary was the order of both days, spending individual time with every one. In depth explanations of each section of  water from fish hot spots to how large the boulders we might encounter as we waded. Casting advice was clear, concise and fun from both ghillies and yes they cast beautiful lines with such ease!

There was plenty of fish showing during the 2 days. At the end of the first day we counted 20 plus fish, head coach Cliff said ‘I’ve fished for salmon for 30 years and have never seen so many summer fish running on one beat, this is like Autumn salmon runs’. No one caught fish on day 1, hence day 2 was how do you catch running salmon?

We cast every imaginable fly at them, one fish took a fly and then unhooked itself seconds later. The lesson I personally learned was that I didn’t fish the pools fast enough, lingering with the fly on the dangle too long, but this experience comes with plenty of salmon fishing and chatting to fellow anglers.

The weather during day 1 was challenging, we had thunder and torrential rain which tested everyone’s waders and waterproofs, thank goodness spare sets of clothing was packed. Day 2 rising water and a Kielder release.

Quotes from the ladies

‘really enjoyed the day and want to go back! Chris and Gary made the day really fun. Sarah

‘thanks for arranging another good day’ Cathy

‘super day, lovely beat, lovely ghillies and great picnic, best for a long time’ Marion

‘great day, great ladies and just the best ghillies in England’ Anne

our last thanks must go to head coach Cliff Johnston for his assistance during the monday and the great picnic!

Without doubt we have seen more fish on the Bywell beat in one day then we have experienced before. We will be returning……salmon 1 – ladies fishing 0

The Promise of Riches by Richard Baker Trout & Salmon Magazine

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