Trout Fishing at Bolton Abbey

During the summer months we will be holding “pop-up fishing events’ across the country publicised only via the Ladies Fishing blog and official Facebook, Twitter pages.  Small events maximum of 4 places offering greater spontaneity at Ladies Fishing.

Our first ‘pop-up event’ is on Saturday 14th May.  We are offering ladies the opportunity to enjoy a days trout fishing on the famous Bolton Abbey in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales on the banks of the River Wharfe. As the river flows through the Estate it is surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery in the Yorkshire. Against this beautiful backdrop the 4 ½ mile stretch of water offers extensive opportunities for both the novice and experienced angler. This keepered fishery provides fishing for wild and stocked Brown Trout and Grayling throughout its waters.

Much of the “North Country” fly fishing traditions and techniques were developed on the River Wharfe by past masters such as Pritt, Edmonds and Lee and Walbran to name but a few. The beauty of the River Wharfe is that it offers the opportunity to practice every technique we use for fly fishing rivers, both modern and traditional. Dry fly and upstream nymph fishing together with spider fishing are the standby methods and there are plenty of opportunities for fishing New Zealand style, high sticking and Czech nymph fishing plus

Lunch will be a social affair by the river with a picnic. Any ladies interested please say “Hello”

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  1. For the persistent fisherman, trolling is one of the most accessible and effective trout fishing techniques you can use on still water like lakes or ponds. Happy fishing!


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