Wear Grayling Fishing

Anyone interested in dusting the cobwebs off their fishing rods this weekend in the pursuit of Grayling, weather and river dependant. Speaking to keen grayling fishing bailiffs on the Wear I’ve been given the locations where grayling are residing. Fish of a pound or so are common, with the potential of a two pounder. 

Tackle requirements: Long rods should be considered to helps facilitate better line control for nymphing, about 10′. Snags are rife on the Wear, so choose a leader of 5lb or 6lb to give us some hope of rescuing a snagged fly. Its been recommended that we use straight through leaders, tapered leaders only impede our flies descent through the water. So if you decide to fish a team of 3, 2  or 1 fly, help will be on hand.

Flies: regardless of river height and state, grayling respond to flies of varying colours. Patterns containing pink or orange shades, good in murky water, but dark flies like black give a definite outline and although not an obvious choice, can be lethal. (remember dark flies when fishing for sea trout, salmon, anglers number 1 choice)

So if your free this saturday 22nd January, and fancy trying grayling fishing for the cost of a day ticket on the Wear please contact myself. Price £6.00


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