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After watching Channel 4″s Big Fish Fight programme last night and twitter coming alive during the programme with tweets from people in the fishing industry. I feel compelled to share this with you all and urge you to contact the Fish Fight website and sign up to the petition.
I have found an excellent article from the Guardian newspaper online by Callum Roberts published yesterday discussing the disgraceful practice of discarding. Highlighting fishery records from the 1880’s, concluding that fishermen have to work 17 times harder to catch fish now compared to 1889 etc.
Thanks must go to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall for the spotlight of the disgraceful practice of discarding, whereby fishermen are compelled by EC rules to throw away perfectly good fish that they have no quota for, while pursuing fish that they do. Showing images of basket after basket of wholesome fish flung back dead was powerful and disturbing.
What can be done? European fishing rules are meant to help stocks recover, but they fail both fish and the industry scandalously, heaping shame upon all involved. Total allowable catches – which are divided among boats as quotas – form the central plank of the common fisheries policy, but are fundamentally flawed. They limit landings, not what can be caught and killed, so they offer virtually no protection to fish stocks. The consequences reckless wastage of discarded fish, fuel burned and labour spent for no purpose and the continued decline of stocks.
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