A Winter Warmer with the Durham Ladies (via MartaVine)

Don’t forget ladies in Northumberland, Marta will be at Alnwick market during December. Weather permitting.

A Winter Warmer with the Durham Ladies Yesterday Martavine had a ‘Ladies Wine Tasting’ for a private party hosted by Fupi and Nikki Noble. The event started at noon and was in a very cosy and informal atmosphere.  I was introduced to all the ladies that came along and we started with a glass of sparkling wine from Portugal. Everyone was very surprised with the quality of Portuguese sparkling! The afternoon was white and cold but soon got warm and very enjoyable during the tasting of 1 … Read More

via MartaVine

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  1. Hi, I wanted to leave a comment on your post regarding the water under the Opera House but could not:
    The opera is made of three buildings: two large heavy ones and one
    lighter one in the center between them, where the performing actually takes

    Since it was build on a nappe phréatique (I believe “ground water”) it was
    most unstable. So the architect (Charles Garnier 1875) designed a large
    chamber under the center portion, to be filled with water and add weight to
    stabilize the whole structure. This underground chamber, (the size of two olympic swimming pools), under water, has columns and is
    checked by firemen/scuba-divers with lights (it is totally dark) every so often. And yes, there are trouts, I saw them on the film. 🙂


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