Juniors go free to our last 2010 event

Thanks to Ali at Chatton Trout Fishery. Juniors accompanied by their mum/guardian go free to our last 2010 event at Chatton Trout Fishery on 12th December 2011.

The day should be fun and educational for all. With fishing, fly dressing, tuition, entomology sessions during the day. During coffee breaks there are presentations on Portuguese cork, salmon skins and coarse fishing. Lunch (included within the price) sees the anticipated launch of our UK & International 2011 season. (I can’t wait to tell you what we have organised). Finally to close the day mulled wine and mince pies (hot chocolate for juniors).

Since the launch yesterday we have 3 juniors joining us with their mums.

Price for the day including equipment, materials, tuition, drinks and lunch £15.00. If you would like to join us please contact annefishing@yahoo.co.uk

ladies who have asked about the little girl, its my gorgeous niece, who has fallen in love with my pink sage rod…

4 Comments on “Juniors go free to our last 2010 event

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  2. Anne
    That’s good to see many women in the fishing world.
    All my breath from these distant waters, so excited to continue our wonderful passion (do not consider fishing a sport).
    With great affection,
    From the province of Corrientes, Argentina,


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