A New Fly called Turkish Delight

Paul little has kindly created a Classic Salmon fly from the fur of my cat called George, a little Turkish Angora.  Being a long-haired cat he needs daily grooming so using this beautiful fur in such an exotic looking fly is such an honour.

George over the last year has become a keen fly tier, adores exotic feathers, enjoys watching my fish filleting, expecting a just reward for his patience and my long hours spent fishing and tying flies.

To read Paul Little’s blog and his critique of the fly  http://paullittleflydresser.wordpress.com/

2 Comments on “A New Fly called Turkish Delight

  1. Hi all, just to say thank you to you all for making me welcome at your xmas event, I really enjoyed meeting you all. If there is anyone who can devise a new fly it is Paul, I look forward to seeing how it performs. As a handspinner I have lots of unusual fibres and try to use them in my own tying, (nothing like Pauls standard) but they do seem to often catch fish.

    Merry xmas and happy New Year to you all.

    No fishing for the forseeable future with such rotten weather, but making best of time knitting cashmere shawl!


    • Hi Sue

      Thank you for your comments, we really enjoyed your company.

      Myself and Trish are envious that your knitting a cashmere shawl. Though i’m sure you and Marion are now sharing knitting patterns as i understand you both have the same talent in common.

      We all look forward to fishing with you in Scotland during 2010.



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