Vanessa The First English Female to Fish Lago Di Salasco.

I would like to share some of the ‘joy’ that I had whilst Coarse fishing in Italy….
My boyfriend the one and only CATMANKEV aKa Kevin Midmore decided to take me on my first holiday abroad since I was 16 years old.
Kev was invited to be the FIRST ENGLISH ANGLER to fish Lago Di Salasco so he took me ‘I am such a lucky lady to share this experience with him’ ….

This place is so amazing, so warm and beautiful, just like the people that live there. The complex boasts a 20acre lake that contain so many beautiful fish, literally hundreds of Carp’s, (Mirrors, Common and Grass Carp), as well as an abundance of Trout being poured into the lake via a wagon everyother day, Channel Catfish and also BIG BIG CATFISH of 200lbs + a couple of these are Tiger Catfish…. something I dream of catching, kissing then letting go of course  .

Vanessa's day job "Horse Trainer and Judge"

There is so many fish there, all different types, something for everyone. The place also has 3 swimming pools, one with a water slide, it has a Bar and Resteraunt too that serves the most amazing traditional Italian food (It is incredible) but please if you on a diet this place is NOT the place to go as the food is sooooooooooo gorgeous and the Italian wine is like nothing I have ever had over here in the UK, infact they had a fizzy Red that was WOWWWIEE!!! As soon as Mauro, Luisella (who run the lake) and other Italian friends found out that I liked a tipple they kept bringing us bottle after bottle after bottle and I infact devoured at leased 2 bottles of Red per night  Poor Kevin has his work cut out with me!!! ha ha ha
Anyways.. On to the fishing…… We caught about 45 beautiful Carp, and we didn’t fish it hard atall.
I really enjoyed the magical evenings sat out on the bank with Kevin discussing the phycology of fish and tatics to catch them. Kevin is inspiring as he realy tries to think like a fish, something that I really get on too as I am a Equine behaviourist and I have had the most amazing results with horses once I had learned and understood how they think. This is deffinately something to be considered with fishing! Kev changed his tactics (different rigs, baits, rods and lines) and also took into consideration the air pressure and allkinds of different enviriomental effects… It was such a fantastic time and something I will never forget!
The adhrenaline really started pumping when our alarms went off at all hours… My first Carp that I played came in about 3am, I couldn’t belive how strong it was, it took me about 20 mins to land him and he was a beautiful 24lb common, I had the biggest smile you could immagine!
I became a dab hand at jumping in the lake and netting most of Kev’s fish, including a very frisky Grass Carp that literally jumped out of the net lilke a horse, I have been told that these fish can break through the nets and by seeing what this big chap did I absolutely belive it too. When we got him on the unhooking mat he was such a handfull but nevertheless such an amazing fish to look at from every angle.
During our time in Italy we were honoured to meet Italys TOP CATFISH angler Yuri Grisendi (The KING of the CLONK), he came down to Lago Di Salasco to meet Kev and do some clonking…. Clonking is amazing to watch, Yuri has mastered this method and Kev wanted to learn more, we went out in the little boat and Yuri started clonking, the clonk is a small(ish) wooden batton shaped article with a flat end, you have to hit the water surface in such a way that the it makes the most unusual “clonk” sound that echoes through the water. The Catfish get quite annoyed by this and they come to see whats it is and this is when you catch them…. Well its not quite that simple, but thats basically the idea of it.. I will write a blog completely about The Clonk when I have learned more “watch this space”.
Anyways girlys, I will sign off for now and finish the blog later on, I have to go and feed my horses now before it gets dark…. CIAO BELLA’s xxxx

Vanessa, look forward to the next installment and some more photos please. Marta from Martavine will introduce you to the red wine from Portugual

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