Fashionable heat generating warm wear!

Autumn is upon us and warmer layers for early morning and evening fishing are now being worn. I’ve come across some fashionable heat generating warm wear available in a variety of seasons colours, luxurious reds, greens, fushia, cream, beige etc

Marks and Spencer say “A versatile layering piece, made from a special fibre blend that not only generates heat using your body’s own moisture but acts as insulation so heat is retained. Even better, the fibres are beautifully soft, so you stay comfortable and cosy even in the chilliest weather”

Price a cool £12.00. Now this is something i’ll be sporting under my pyamas when i’m off winter fishing, under my waders.

Tight Lines Anne

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  2. Hi Ladies,

    nice to see so many of you out there fishing and catching, I have been really busy teaching and doing B&B so have done a little fishing, mainly trout, though the salmon are now running. I have a new blog if anyone is interested.

    Will be at Caer Beris next month so might see some of you there.


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