20lb salmon by Emily

Saturday we went fishing on Hoddom on the Annan. When we got there the conditions weren’t perfect the river was starting to colour up but there had been a small rise in water the day before. We thought we would give it a go until lunch time and then maybe call it a day.

We saw a few fish moving, then Tony decided to fish a little pool where we have had success before. Not many other people fish this little deep pool, but he had no joy. So I thought I would put a heavy tube on that I had been given by a local fisherman a few visits before (it was like a Willie Gun but to his own design, they call it an ‘Admiral Nelson’ the guy who tied it is called Dave Nelson). I was at the deepest part of the pool, when Tony was just about to comment that the river was starting to drop, and he thought the fish might come on the take when BANG I was into what I felt like a nice fish!  When landed, it was definitely the biggest Salmon I have ever caught approx 20lb+ 37inch in length!!!

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