Women’s Fishing Clothing, New link on Ladies Fishing


Womens Reddington Chena waders £169.00


As you are all aware, i’m passionate about promoting fishing manufacturers and shops that sell ladies fishing clothing. We have introduced a new link onto our site promoting shops and manufacturers who provide clothing for female anglers

Simms Ladies Waders £299.00


Yes ladies you can buy ladies waders, shirts, jackets designed for the female form in the UK. It irritates me when you read articles from women in the industry who say that manufacturers don’t produce clothing because of the cost. Promote the ones that do !

Orvis ladies waders from £149.00 Fabulous selection available


Manufacturers who make ladies fishing clothing available in the UK are:




Snowbee (check if they are still doing it)

Don’t be fooled ladies no one else makes ladies fishing clothing, they try and sell it to us as a smaller size, but who wants to wear mens small and pay the same price as a pair of ladies simms, orvis and reddington waders.

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  1. I think this is really interesting, I have seen so many women are associated with fishing. I think this is one of the best thing to discuss. Keep it up and continue with your valuable thoughts.


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