Keep your face shaded from the sun to compliment your fishing look

Having some shade to cover your head and face is also important to keeping cool and preventing direct UV light from harming your skin. While most will usually be satisfied with a old baseball cap there are hats that can add a bit colour and feminity to any fishing outfit and your fishing look

make mine a 99 please

It’s important to understand that even though the sun is not out, it does not mean that UV light isn’t present. When it’s cloudy, the UV index is just less than when the sun is out beating down on you.  So no matter what type of condition, it’s good to protect yourself at all times. Anglers receive even more UV light than normal due to reflections from the water’s surface


Facial skin cancers, as well as premature aging, can be dramatically reduced by the simple act of wearing a sun hat.


Here are our top tips:

Decide what type of fishing you’re going to do? If there is wind involved, think about a chin strap.

Peripheral vision may also be an issue so a smaller brim may be important.

Do you have short hair? Take extra care about your neck.

Thick hair, a hat with mesh panels will help your head stay cooler in the heat.

A brim that angles downward will provide more protection than one that goes straight out from the head.

Petite face opt for a hat with a small brim that isn’t too wide, with the width of the crown lining up with the cheekbones.

Long face should go for a hat with a wide brim, tilted to the side. A big hat like this should be teamed up with simple earrings to avoid the outfit looking over the top.

Square face tend to look their best in a hat with a low brim, that is in line with the eye-line.

Excellent website, some of the ladies wear these hats

 Hats have never been hotter in the fashion world, with shows like Sex and the City partly responsible for the massive surge of interest in pretty headwear.

 Philip Treacy says “When I first started making hats, young people had given up wearing them because they felt they were too conformist. They are no longer symbols of conformity, but highly individual acts of rebellion” Think about your make-up, too.  From a Sage low profile visor, midge hat  to a bejewelled Simms cap— all require something different with your make-up and even your hair

Attention-seekers only. The late Isabella Blow was the queen of this ­category, regularly wearing a galleon or lobster creation on her head.

Release your inner exhibitionist and take a dressing-up-box approach; the rest of your look should match the playfulness of your headwear….stylish ladies who fish!

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