Sneak preview for the next 3 months

Well done Sarah, first salmon on the Tay event

Ladies fishing are currently having a fantastic season. With over 20 events held since January 2010 from river fishing for salmon, trout and grayling, still water days with fly dressing, entomology and tackle talks, sea fishing for mullet on the fly, and 6 events free of charge. From Friday 11th June our season is going to get better when all events until the middle of September will be launched.

No other fishing group in the north east over the last six months has organised the quality and variety of events on offer for ladies as Tom from says “you read websites offering sea, river, and still water days and if we know anything, this can sometimes be far from the truth. Ladies fishing offer more than it says on the tin….much more, they offer something unique and inspiring!

Emily with her first mullet on the fly, sea fishing event

I would just like to thank you all for your continued support: remember every event we organise is divided by the number of ladies attending; you can also have a complete breakdown of costs per event, as always transparency is part of our mission statement.

sneak preview: more river events…….!

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