Secret Lake under the Paris opera house

Anyone who delves deeper into my life will realise that I’m passionate about opera and one aim in my life is to visit all the major opera houses in world. I adore the Paris Opera House and dream of seeing La Traviata performed.

Well this opera house has a secret, it has a underwater lake below the building and its believed that a member of staff breed Trout in the basement. One of the largest Operas of its day, the building seats 2000 people and has seventeen stories, seven of these stories are below the ground, and two contain pieces of the famous lake later depicted in Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera.

In fact if you have ever seen the play “The Phantom of The Opera” this is the opera that said phantom haunted. The bottom layers contain levels beyond levels of cellars, fountains, abandoned prop rooms and tunnels; a perfect place for a ghost hunter to go exploring and since it is rumoured that there are secret connections the famous Paris Sewers it is not for the faint of heart.

The “lake” is a series of rooms below the Paris water line that got filled up when an over zealous worker hit a set of water pipes. It is rarely seen, as most of the tours don’t go very deep into the building.

2 Comments on “Secret Lake under the Paris opera house

  1. The ” lakes ” are the result of an underground stream that Hausmann spent a fortune on trying to stem it’s flow, during the operas construction.. Cofferdams were built and tar painted all to no good;the water rises seasonally and engineers regularly inspect the foundation after having it pumped dry. Trout ,I don’t know but the honey from the bee hives on the roof is sold by their keeper!


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