Fly Fishing Catching on with Women

April Vokey courtesy of Dene Moore

“It’s so romantic. If you can break away from the crowd . . . if you get away from the people and you’re alone on the river, it’s so cleansing,” says Vokey, now 27 and the owner-operator of Fly Gal Ventures, a fishing school that takes her across Canada and around the world teaching fly fishing to women.

Vokey compares her hours on the river to yoga.

“You cannot believe the comparison of how much Zen and how much peace there is in fishing,” she says. “You know how you get home from a hike and you just feel cleansed and refreshed and you feel at ease with yourself and at peace, because you listened and you appreciated nature all day long? It’s like that with fishing, except you actually have the excitement of getting a huge fish.”

“(Marketers) think the answer to everything is if you make it pink they will come,” she says with a sigh. “No. Pink waders are awful. They’ll scare away the fish.”

2 Comments on “Fly Fishing Catching on with Women

  1. I’m glad you mention the zen involved with fly fishing. When I’m fishing a little creek where I know there are fish, my mind has no time to think about work or bills or other people. I am thinking about where my fly will land, how I will get it there without getting snagged on the trees, how I will mend my line to maintain a good drift, etc. I am often startled when a fish hits my fly after a really precise cast because I am so wrapped up in how to get the fly to drift in the small pocket of still water that I forget that the purpose is to catch a fish! And even the days when catching fish is slow or nil, standing in a creek with cold water rushing around my legs (I rarely wear waders), hearing the sound of the running water, and enjoying the forest is a zen experience in itself.

    Thanks for reminding us that fly fishing is about more than just catching fish!


    • Hi Natalie,
      Totally agree we are trying so hard to get the fly land in the right place that we forget we are fishing….we are so lucky in the north east of england we have water with sea trout, salmon, brown trout etc.
      At ladies fishing its also about enjoying the company of our friends and fishing together, nice conversation, food and tuition if required. We also fish seperately and come together as a group.
      Take care, look forward to reading more of your comments…..
      Its too cold to fish without waders or wellies in the north east,
      Regards Anne


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