Fans react to Facebook’s Community Pages and so does Ladies Fishing

As Google is being asked by countries around the world to “do more to protect privacy,” Facebook is opening a can of worms by spreading its Facebook Connect service across the web and encouraging users to become more open with their information.#

On Monday, April 19, Facebook introduced Community Pages, “a new type of Facebook Page dedicated to a topic or experience that is owned collectively by the community connected to it,” and Connected Profiles.

Facebook users were quick to comment on the new changes, questioning how it would change their profile visibility and possibly make information visible to Facebook “strangers.”

Facebook, please give users back at least SOME CONTROL of our profiles. If we don’t want to be in a community (I don’t want to be with all people who like to cook), let us opt out,” exclaimed Facebook user Becky Shaw before adding, “This is absurd – stop setting us up for data mining for advertising.”

Facebook user Joshua Trupin commented, “Why would anyone but an advertiser like this feature? This is like Google Buzz all over again.”

Unauthorised Posts from ladies fishing in the North East are appearing on a community page set up by someone who at every opportunity has used our group to promote her own. We would like her to stop this activity as I personally feel that it is unprofessional.

Anne Woodcock Events organiser for ladies fishing

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