Cumbrian Fishing Festival and the ladies enjoy mullet madness

walking towards the fishing grounds

Saturday the ladies from the North East enjoyed their first sea event on the fly at the Cumbrian Fishing Festival. Who better to spend a day learning to catch mullet on the fly with than salt water specialist, AAPGAI Master/FFF Lee Cummings

The day started at 10am with an introduction to salt water fishing, casting techniques and safety talk before the

ladies started their quest of trying to hook the notoriously difficult to catch thick lipped mullet using flies tied by their accompanying coach/instructor Paul Little AAPGAI Master.

Anne receiving tuition from lee

The ladies could not have asked for a better forecast, sunshine allowed the ladies their first opportunity to fish in shorts this year. Mullet was spotted quickly, but the chances of catching were hampered by the warm breeze off the sea, which meant that the ladies had to roll cast off their wrong shoulder this was a first for most. Anne Woodcock event organisor from Ladies Fishing said “all ladies attending are new to salt water fishing, one of the ladies only picked up a fly rod 4 days ago. The ladies

Lee ensuring the line is out, just to roll cast without much water disruption

are being introduced to new techniques in a fun and friendly environment with tuition from 2 respected angling instructors in the UK”

Afternoon all ladies donned their waders ready for the evening fish, and they were not to be disappointed seeing mullet enter the location they then had the task of placing a delicate line onto the water and not spooking the other fish. We were in luck Anne was the first to hook a mullet, the mullet ran fast and hard

fish on and a smile for the camera

 taking her line down to the backing. So it was “fish on” and now the pressure was on to land the mullet, steering the fish and regaining as much line as you can. Fish number one landed, beaming smiles, encouragement and cheers from all the ladies, including our instructors. “Such a magical experience”.

Our last casts into a setting sunset and Emily a keen salmon fisherwomen, hooked the second of our fish whilst the sun was starting to set. Emily said “the excitement of having a mullet on the end of your line beat the 18lb salmon I caught last year”

anne’s fish on its merry way

So with the sun setting over Cumbria, the ladies walked back to their car jubilant that their first sea event had been so successful, of course we still talked about the ones that got away!

Emily's fish with the sun setting

NB Ladies Fishing a group of ladies who organise fishing events at cost throughout the North East, Scottish borders and Cumbria. The group have no connection whatsoever with Lucy Bowden and her fishing club.

2 Comments on “Cumbrian Fishing Festival and the ladies enjoy mullet madness

  1. Hiya Anne,
    It was lovely to meet you and I too had a magical day…. I can’t wait to meet up with you fantastic ladies again… I also have another lady who had a inmpromptue lesson from the amazing Lee Cummings at a family BBQ the day after our Mullet fishing trip and this wonderful lady is MY MOTHER….. Lee was amazed how quickly she picked it up on her casting lesson… so watch this space and you will meet her very soon too 😀
    A big thankyou from me to all you ladies that attended this event for making my first fly fishing trip using a rod so enjoyable and also making me feel welcome within the group.

    See you very soon xxxxxx


    • Vanessa thankyou for coming to our day, as promised next time we will have waders for you so you can fish throughout the day. If you and your mum would like to come on our salmon days next week your both very welcome.
      We all look forward to seeing you soon.
      Take Care anne xx


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