Its Mullet Madness this Saturday

Anne mullet fishing last August

Mullet Fishing on the fly is the equivalent to an adrenalin rush, strike, clear your hand from the reel and hang on!

Ladies Fishing have secured a “ladies only” Mullet Fly Fishing day with AAPGAI Master & FFF Lee Cummings during the Cumbria Fishing Festival. Paul Little will also assist Lee on the day with tuition

I was lucky to catch and land my first mullet on the fly last summer and have been hooked ever since, amazing fish, we are guaranteed weather permitting a wonderful day.

Lee has asked if you can bring your waders, waterproofs, cap or other hat, eye and sun protection.Rod he recommends 9-10 ft…… 6 or 7#, coupled with a short/mid belly WF full floating line.

He will supply the flies on the day, however if you wish to bring your own, you are welcome, further to this, if you could come with a new tapered leader, preferably flurocarbon such as the Rio Bonefish or Seaguar type, terminating with an 8lb point “nearest rio one is 8.8lb” that would be fantastic. Both these types are available at John Norris’s in Penrith.

I have fluorocarbon so will provide this for ladies attending and Mr. Little will tie a few sugar cube flies.

I know the ladies attending are looking forward to this day, Lee is passionate about Mullet Fishing and is recognised in the UK for salt water fishing on the fly

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