Trip to the Tweed Show Saturday 1st May

Gary Champion and Paul Little

Thank you to Gary Champion, Karl Humphreys and Illtyd Griffiths for their time on Saturday. Gary demonstrated curve, stack, wiggle casts in a simple easy to understand language, including casting round and in between all ladies which was something I’d definitely like to perfect for casting round rock’s etc… Karl gave one to one tuition, with tips on how to improve the overhead cast etc. Remember the movement of the hand, how this will affect the tip of the rod. Gary mentioned using the arm, not just the wrist, using the stronger muscle group will help reduce hand and wrist fatigue after a day’s fishing.

Illtyd Griffiths

Illtyd discussed sea trout fishing, demonstrating casts suitable for sea trout, where to place flies, rod and lines to use, the difference of a sea trout to a salmon on the fly,  best practice playing a sea trout. The comments I’ve received from Illtyd’s demonstration have been inspirational, result I have increased our sea trout events to 3, one of those nights a beginners introduction to sea trout, these events will be held in June, July and August.

Cliff with the set of framed salmon flies

Thank you to Marta at Martavine who gave the instructors a bottle of red wine in appreciation of there time from ladies fishing. Marta presented bottles of red wine reserve from Douro,Northern Portugal, this is the same region producing the white port we tried at our salmon event on the river Tyne. Marta has informed me that by the end of May her red wine and white port will arrive in the UK, if you would like more information

Finally Cliff Johnston was presented with The Namsen salmon fly, one dressed with a traditional style wing and the other with a Kelson winging style, to thank Cliff for all his hard work during the last 9 months for Ladies Fishing.

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