Entomology & Casting at Witton Castle Lakes April 2010

Ladies day at Witton Castle Lakes

Level for ladies from beginners to advanced. Agenda of the day as follows for Saturday 24th April 2010

Meet and greet from 9.15 to 9.30am

9.30 to 9.45 safety talk

9.45 to 12.30 casting tuition from our resident coach GAIA instructor Cliff Johnston and his assistant. Cliff will be providing group and one to one instruction for beginners to advanced ladies on the following casts roll cast, over head , single and double hauling techniques.

12.30 till 1.30 lunch (does anyone fancy making some soup? Sarah is now making Leek & Potato Soup…yippeee !

1.30 till 4.00 Beginners Entomology

This session aims to raise the awareness of river flies and their importance to aquatic conservation and function. The study of insects is an interesting pursuit for fly fishers, it enhances catching—another good thing, and deepens the enjoyment of the entire fishing experience. As you get to know the aquatic insects of trout water, you may come to find them to be as fascinating as the fish.

The event is free of charge, if you would like to fish at Witton Castle Lakes, cliff has arranged a 4 hour fishing ticket for £11.00

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    • Thank you Chris, its nice to know that there are people out there that want ladiesfishing.co.uk to do well
      regards anne and trish


  1. Hope you all had a great day ,the weather was great today, sorry I missed it.


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