Salmon Fishing on The River Tay May 2010

Cliff Fishing in front of the ghillies hut

Hi Ladies 

Just confirmed 2 days of salmon fishing on the Newtyle Beat, River Tay. The trip will consist of salmon fishing with tuition from our resident coaches, AAPGAI Master double handed rod Paul Little and Cliff  Johnston. The Newtyle beat is having a sucessful 2010, last week a 30lb springer was caught, Martin Ritchie the head ghillie has fished the Tay and its tributaries since the age of just four, his expert knowledge can only improve our chances of catching a Tay Salmon. Last year the 2 biggest salmon caught on the beat were both by ladies. 

Martin says “My aim is to provide extremely high customer service levels to ensure every angler visiting Newtyle gets as much enjoyment as they can and the best possible chance of landing a salmon from this wonderful beat of the middle Tay”  You can see why Trish and I have chosen this beat, it epitomises what ladies fishing is all about. 

Anne Fishing on Newtyle Beat

Dates Monday 31st May and 1st June. 2 days salmon fishing. Both days lunch will be provided. Accomodation is included. Car sharing is available 

Any ladies interested in joining myself, Trish and our coaches please email 

As its such a special trip (celebrating the first event a year ago) we are inviting our partners/husbands to come along and join us with our celebrations. 

Just to let you know there are new entries under environmental River Wear Fly Survey and events. Casting for Recovery update is coming this week as we’ve just confirmed more sponsorship, including donations. Thank you to everyone.

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