Cumbria Fishing Festival May 2010

Cumbria Fishing Festival for all the family

Hi ladies

Take a look at the Cumbria Fishing Festival from the 15th to 23rd May. I know some of you ladies have been savvy and are already booked on events. Take stock of these household names that ladies fishing have held events with, its another chance to have a days tuition and instruction during the festival with Paul Procter, Tony Riley, Lee Cummings, Clive Mitchell-Hill, Glynn Freeman and many more. If you would like to book one of their days visit the fishing festival site at, or click the link on the side of our blog

Remember Lee is holding our own special ladies fishing mullet day on the 22nd May, this is not on the festival list. You will get a chance to meet the above gentleman at the Tweed Show ladies fishing trip on the 1st May

 To book a place on both events please contact Anne

3 Comments on “Cumbria Fishing Festival May 2010

  1. Hi
    I just wanted to say a big thankyou to all the ladies that made the journey over to the mullet fly fishing event of the Cumbrian fishing festival.
    I sincerely hope you enjoyed your time here, it was really excellent to have you all visit and more so, to see fish get caught by the ladies..

    All the best


    • Thank you Lee we all had a great time. Look forward to holding another ladies day in Cumbria with you soon. Regards Anne


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