She’s so fly

Sherri Russell Shes so Fly

Sherri Russell Shes so Fly

Hi Ladies I been in contact with Sherri Russell from She’s so Fly and would love to share her story with you. When you read her story you may see bits of yourself, i’ve definitely see some of myself in Sherri’s story, when the odds get stacked against you ! and one part in particular reminds me of what could have happened to to myself, luckily i found fly fishing

Sherri writes ” I almost suffered a breakdown as a result – life is not always fair it seems.  I said to myself, “Sherri, you have got to snap out of this!  You need to get out there and do something that will make you happy before you go crazy.”  

She had always wanted to learn to fly fish, this changed her life around. I know how she felt.

Enjoy reading about Sherri

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