Inspirational Lady Betty Bauman

Betty Bauman with a Chuck Salmon

Betty Bauman with a Chuck Salmon

Hi Ladies

Thought you might like to read about  Betty Bauman

Quote from Bettys website…

“When Betty Bauman, Founder and CEO of “Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing!®,” started fishing as a child with only a tree branch as a fishing pole, little did she know this was the beginning of a career. The knowledge and skills she has acquired over the years, together with her passion for the sport and for conservation, have empowered her to bring the sport of fishing to more than 5,000 women all over the world through her award-winning seminars.”

To read more about Betty visit her blog or just google this ladies name and you’ll find pages of press releases about the exceptional work she’s done to encourage ladies into angling. Its International Womens Day and Betty is a lady who is inspirational.

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