Tim Gaunt-Baker’s Norfolk Fly Fishing


Hi ladies,

As you know i’m always keen to promote people who are positive about women in the fishing world. I came across an article by the gentleman (photo attached) yesterday and would recommend you have a look at his blog.
Its so refreshing to see the work that Tim is doing to promote ladies in fishing. Can i have your feedback ladies, ref seeing if we can book a day with Tim.
You can follow his blog at the link below, i certainly will be following his blog.

2 Comments on “Tim Gaunt-Baker’s Norfolk Fly Fishing

  1. I had a look at Tims blog, interesting to see that the picture he is using is of myself and Annie Champion at Caer Beris, shame he didn’t mention that the ladies in the photo are both AAPGAI advanced instructors, but then I suppose that might take business away from him!

    Tim is a comittee member of the S&TA or was (don’t know if he still is) He is a nice guy.


    • Sue, I am sorry we missed off the mention of you and anne Champion from picture one. This had now been rectified

      For the record, both Annie Champion and Sue Macniven are, as far as I know, the only ladies to date to achieve the prestigious Advanced Game Angling Instructor Award with AAPGAI. Both are excellent instructors and fisherwomen.

      See you on the river soon ;0)


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