Fly Fishing with Sue Macniven

sexy loops from Sue Macniven

sexy loops from Sue Macniven

We were lucky to have Sue come along to our event at Christmas and since then she’s been a great supporter of ladies fishing, and how lucky are we as Sue is not only a very experienced casting instructor and fly fishing expert but also a AAPGAI assessor. Sue is only one of two ladies qualified to AAPGAI Advanced level, but also the only lady qualified in the Double Handed Rod at Advanced Level.

Illtyd Griffiths Chairman of AAPGAI comments “Advanced” level examination is intentionally rigorous and demanding in order to uphold the integrity of the entire certification process as well as maintaining the standards of game angling and fly-fishing in the UK. Advanced level candidates should be able to demonstrate their high level of ability with clarity and confidence. The AAPGAI Advanced Instructor qualification is recognised and awarded to those individuals who exhibit a broad depth of knowledge and experience in game angling and a high level of proficiency in fly casting and teaching techniques.”

During Womens international month it’s a great opportunity to promote the successful women in the angling industry and very few come with the exceptionally high credentials of Sue Macniven.

We are hoping to get Sue back for a ladies day at the end of the year, if you can’t wait till then Sue’s website is as follows:

Sue along with Annie Champion the only other lady at advanced standard is on Tim’s blog, the number one photo

Sue along with Annie can be found gracing the home page of the aapgai blog

 Well done Sue. We look forward to having another day with you.

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