Tay Fishing and the ladies making it Spicy

Sarah and Anne with the owner of Newtyle Beat Tay

Newtyle Beat on the Tay celebrate 40 years with a little help from the ladies

Beat owner Gordon Mitchell celebrates his 40th year of beat ownership this year and who better to start the celebrations but ladies fishing opening the 2010 fishing season.

Gordon commented “ last year 2 of the largest fish caught on the beat were by ladies, so ladies opening the beat should bring us luck ”

A Classic Tay Salmon fly tied by world renowned classic fly dresser Paul Little was presented in memory of the day and achievement to him by the Ladies.

Sarah & Anne from ladies fishing said “we’re honored to have been asked to open the season for Newtyle. The beat is great for a group of ladies, easy access, wading, tuition and a Victorian-style fishing hut complete with coal fire, a great location to go salmon fishing on the Tay”

If you are an angler looking for a day’s fishing or a group, party or company seeking some quality time together, the River Tay is the perfect destination and there is no more ideal location to savor that experience than the salmon fishing beat of  Newtyle,

Head Ghillie Martin Ritchie has fished the Tay and its tributaries since the age of just four, using his experience, knowledge to make your visit to Newtyle the best it can be.


Sarah tying her first salmon fly Midnight Fly

Our aim is to make fly tying popular with ladies and who better to help you tie your first salmon fly but world renown classic fly dresser Paul Little. To make it spicy tie in an Indian restaurant on the Tay. The ladies tied their first salmon fly and the next day used it to fish for springers on the Tay. Sarah commented “we enjoy tying our own flies the satisfaction of catching a fish with your own tied flies is priceless”

Ladies fishing hold fly tying days and have tied flies for salmon, grayling, trout, pike. They are soon to hold a day tying their first classic salmon fly with specialist Paul Little.

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