Ladies Fishing Promote Fishing in the North East



 We are proud to announce our new logo’s to support our ambassador promotion in the North East. Our new logo’s have been designed to spearhead the campaign to promote Ladies Fishing in the North of England.  

Our ‘Passionate about Ladies Fishing and Fishing’ logos demonstrates our passion for the North East, and shows we are proud to play our part in the drive to improve the image and economic prospects of the region. 


Passionate people are the region’s greatest asset and have already been crucial to the success of the Regional Image Campaign. Becoming an ambassador for North East England is an opportunity for us to spread the word about the region.  It’s a great place to invest, fish and relax on some of the finest river’s and still waters in the UK, enjoy the excellent hospitality from the fisheries and instructors in the region, and make a real difference to the future success of fishing and the North East England.

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