Ladies Go Christmas Fishing without a Shop in Sight

Thank you to all the ladies who joined us on our  Christmas Fishing Event organised by Trish. We could not have picked a better day to have our last event of 2009, glorious sunshine, no breeze and above zero (warmish) temperatures for December.

Everyone gathered in the lodge from 9am to discuss the days fishing over croissants and coffee. Paul and Anne made 3 flies for every lady attending, traditional still water flies Christmas Tree, Jack Frost and Grizzle Damsel.

Thank you for the help and advice from our Casting Instructor for the day Paul Little AAPGAI, giving lessons on Single and Double Hauling, Spey Casting with a Single Rod and we even had a double handed rod out in the afternoon. Paul was giving advice to begineers through to our experienced ladies.

In the afternoon over mulled wine and mince pies we had party games from pin the tail on the fish, fish millionaire and a talk from Sue Macniven on the rivers and scottish lochs, she fishs and offers guiding and tuition on

Now you all might like to know which flies fished the best (caught most fish) Winner is Christmas Tree, followed a close second Grizzle Damsel and last but not least because it caught fish Jack Frost.

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